About Us

Best Bulgaria Home Care Ltd. a company with a registered office and a reception office in Balchik, deals with maintenance and renting of properties on the North Black Sea coast.

Our company provides all kinds of services having to do with properties. This web site www.bulgariahomecare.com is a result of our years of experience and professional practice in maintenance and renting of our customers’ houses and flats. What distinguishes us from the other companies maintaining properties is the following:

  • Personal approach to any new or current company customer and their specific needs.
  • Our knowledge and experience in all fields having to do with properties such as legal services, accounting, construction and repairs, buildings maintenance, swimming pools maintenance, architecture, interior design, furnishing and insurance.
  • We master a lot of languages. We are fluent in Russian, English, German and French which enables us a lot while communicating both with customers whose property we rent and their tenants who we personally meet. Our customers are multilingual people. They come from countries such as Russia, England, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Holland, America, France, Australia, the Arab Emirates, etc.
  • Our flexibility and openness to each customer.
  • Knowledge of the local market and the local manners and customs.
  • Reasonable prices and impeccable quality of services.