Property purchase and possession brings their owners a lot of delight and enjoyment; especially when this property has a courtyard and garden, it brings a unique feeling of relaxation and helps recover from the every day hectic life. However, the garden design and maintenance can prove a great burden and stress for their owners when in particular they do not live there year-round or they are not experts in landscaping. That is why we have set up Best Bulgaria Home Care, our company, and gathered a team of professionals who work with and for us to satisfy our clients’ needs and demands. Based on our knowledge and experience we offer complex and specific services having to do with the design, creation and maintenance of the yard and garden.

Services we offer regarding design, creation and maintenance of the yard and garden include the following:

  • Mowing lawns – professional care for the lawn
  • Lawn aeration – controlling lawn thatch
  • Hoeing shrubs and flowers – reducing soil compaction and improving its qualities and appearance
  • Pruning shrubs and hedges – trimming and modelling bushes in various forms
  • Collecting and disposal of waste in a landfill – after completing the tasks, waste is disposed to a landfill by company transport
  • Fertilizing – fertilizing with professional fertilizers to maintain healthy and strong vegetation
  • Weeding – eliminating harmful weeds from lawns and vegetation
  • Planting grass, shrubs and seasonal flowers – planting lawns and various flowers and bushes according to customer preferences
  • Spring and winter garden care for vegetation and green areas – if necessary our company performs that service based on the type of vegetation. We also offer winterizing of exotic kinds of vegetation such as palm trees, banana trees, olive trees, etc.
  • Filling of fertile soil and potting soil – in case of a new yard construction or need of enhancing or upgrading an existing one
  • Storing potted trees in a greenhouse during winter
  • Monitoring – professional monitoring of vegetation; expert inspection and analysis of affected species
  • Watering – regular watering of grass and plant areas
  • Installing an anti-scaling appliance – in order to prevent the formation of an aqueous stone

Yard and garden maintenance price:

  • The cost of maintenance of the yard and the garden depends on the following:
    • The plot and the condition of the yard
    • The amount, type and size of the vegetation
    • Decoration elements – ponds, garden cascades, rockeries, etc.
    • Availability of an irrigation system
    • Transport costs
    • Customer personal requirements
  • Landscaping services may be performed:
    • Partially
    • Seasonally
    • Contracting an annual subscription

Contact us now and we will offer an individual and flexible price meeting your needs and preferences!