We offer a wide range of services related to maintenance of your villa, apartment, garden and swimming pool. The main services we offer are the following: Maintenance of a Villa, Maintenance of Complexes of Apartments or Houses, Maintenance of Yards and Gardens, Maintenance of Swimming Pools, Cleaning Private Homes and Apartments, Annual Subscription Maintenance, Designing and Creating Yards and Gardens. Our company also performs Construction and Repair Works of Residential Buildings. We design and construct swimming pools and also do swimming pools repairs. Along with maintenance we rent private villas. If you possess a villa and you would like to rent it, you can rely on us. Along with the main services we offer additional services such as: Rent-a-car, Excursions and Transfers, Insurance, Legal Services and Accounting, Security System (SOD), Furnishing. For more information you can have a look at our portfolio or contact us.